Does masturbation affect female fertility?

A question that is swept under the covers but does invoke curiosity. Does masturbating cause or worsen female fertility?

Kshiti Biswas
Kshiti Biswas
November 22, 2022
Female Infertility
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Does masturbation affect female fertility?

Masturbation and infertility, are two things that face stigma and are surrounded by misconceptions and myths. One is almost a taboo and the other one can lead someone to end up being shunned in society. Let us clear these myths for you.  

Women who are concerned about their sexual health frequently ask this. It is also a source of worry for those who desire to have children. Unless it is done excessively, masturbation can be enjoyable and can improve your sexual health.

What happens when you masturbate?

A lot of hormones are released. Combined, they give you a feel-good and de-stressing experience. These are the hormones that are associated with masturbation 

-Prolactin: elevates your mood

-Testosterone: released during a coitus or solo venture, helps improve 

-Oxytocin: otherwise known as the love hormone

-Endorphins: the pain relievers, stress boosters, and mood boosters

-Dopamine: the happy hormone

Now we know why the process is so pleasant, let us see how it affects fertility.


Ovulation does not require an orgasm for the eggs to be released and fertilized, even though people with penis experience orgasms when they discharge semen. Additionally, egg cells are not expelled from the body during orgasm like when a person with a penis experiences orgasm and ejaculates semen.

To answer the question "Does female masturbation induce infertility?" Ovulation is unaffected by masturbation or orgasmic enjoyment. The answer is straightforward: orgasmic masturbation does not result in infertility.


People frequently link menstruation and masturbation since the former initiates bleeding. But did you know that it only occurs if you are close to your period? When their period is almost here, a lot of women become aroused. When this happens, different hormones are released, and they either like intercourse or masturbation.

The natural painkiller, endorphin, is released, which lessens the discomfort that many women experience from menstrual cramps and muscle strain. For the purpose of enhancing their sexual health and elevating their mood, many people masturbate during their periods.


The sperm cells must get to the fallopian tube in order for the eggs to be fertilized. To fertilize the eggs, the sperm cells must break through the outer wall. The ovulation needs to have taken place first in order for the sperm cells to function. If ovulation has taken place, the eggs are discharged into the fallopian tube where they can be fertilized by sperm cells. Neither the sperm nor the egg cells are affected by masturbation.


The fertilized eggs migrate to the uterus where they connect to the uterine wall following fertilization in the fallopian tube. It takes place six to twelve days after ovulation or eight to nine days after conception, and it is known as implantation.  There is no research that describes the impact of masturbation on implantation.


Even while masturbating is acceptable during pregnancy, it could cause issues for women who are experiencing high-risk pregnancies. If you need to refrain from having sex-

  • If you show preterm labour symptoms or have a history of premature labour due to a medical condition
  • You've been told that you have placenta previa or that your cervix is having issues.
  • You're bleeding from the cervix.

Masturbation is generally considered to be a healthy and normal part of sexual behavior in men and women. People masturbate for many different reasons, but whatever the motive, it's usually not harmful and can benefit a person's sex life — giving them more control over when they have an orgasm and how they experience pleasure. In addition, masturbation can help people to discover what feels good for them, which may help them figure out how to have better orgasms with a partner. In short, the current medical research does not support the claim that masturbation causes infertility. Women who are having trouble conceiving should visit their healthcare provider for a proper evaluation and if any problems are found, treatment can then be recommended.


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